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Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Bouvet Island

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Bouvet Island



Where is Bouvet Island located?

Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, north of the Antarctic, and it is the most remote place in the world.

What country does Bouvet Island belong to?

Bouvet Island is a dependency of Norway and it is under Norwegian sovereignty.

Is there any population in Bouvet Island?

There is no permanent population in Bouvet Island.

Can I travel to Bouvet Island?

Only way to visit Bouvet Island is being a part of expedition/researcher group who are traveling to island for scientific researches. In some extra-ordinary cases (like filmmaking) may be some people can obtain a permit from Norwegian government for visiting island for specific purposes.

Do I have to obtain a visa for traveling to Bouvet Island?

There is no certain visa policy of Bouvet Island, because it isn’t a touristic place. You have to obtain a special permit from Norway state/government for your specific travel purpose.