Lesoto ölkəsinə səyahət üçün viza almalısınızmı?

Lesoto Səyahətiniz üçün Sizə Viza Lazımdırmı? İndi Öyrənin!

Viza Növləri

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Lesotho

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Lesotho

Lesotho E-Visa

Lesotho Tourist Visa (E-visa)

Lesotho Business Visa (E-visa)

Lesotho Student Visa (E-visa)

Lesotho Temporary Permit

Lesotho Temporary Permit

Lesotho Residence Permit

Lesotho Business People Permit

Lesotho Study Permit

Lesotho Spouse Permit

Lesotho Joining Relative Permit




I am from a country whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Lesotho. Can I experience any problems at the border, while entering Lesotho?

You must meet certain requirements to enter Lesotho, even if you are not required a visa:

  • The purpose of your trip to Lesotho must be plausible and comprehensible.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay in Lesotho.
  • You must be able to finance your own living and travel costs.
  • You must hold a confirmed return flight to prove that you are prepared to leave Lesotho before the duration of the permitted stay expires.
  • You must not pose a threat to security or public order.

Will my fees be refunded if my visa is refused?

All fees are non-refundable and will not be refunded if your visa application is not successful.


Do I have to participate in the Embassy in person for applying for a Lesotho visa?

It depends on your country of residence or the embassy/consulate/Visa Administrative Center’s rules and obligations. In some countries, sending your documents via courier is enough to the embassy/consulate/Visa Administrative Center. 


Can the Embassy/Consulate request me to provide additional documents or information?

The embassy may request you to provide additional documents or information, according to your personal situation, even after you have submitted all the required documents mentioned on the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Center.


How do I change the information I have provided on my visa application?

To change your visa application information, you should contact the help desk to ensure that your application has been updated prior to submission for approval.


I received an e-mail about the submission of my application. Where am I going to submit my application, and how can I determine whether my application has been submitted?

Go to the website and log in to your profile (Check Visa Status to login). You will automatically be taken to the "Application Status" page once you have accessed your profile. Click on the link that says 'submit a request for processing. Once the request has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation letter.


What happens if my visa expires while I'm still in Lesotho?

You will be required to reapply for an emergency visa at the border or airport.


What does Lesotho VFS Global do?

VFS Global manages the Visa Facilitation Center for the Ministry of Home Affairs in Lesotho. VFS Global will only accept applications for Study Permits, indefinite Permits, 90-day Temporary Permits, and two-year residence permits.


Who decides if I will get a Lesotho visa or permit?

Your visa application will be processed and decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Headquarters of Maseru. VFS Global does not play any part or influence the outcome of your application process.


Do I enrol Biometrics in a Lesotho VFS Global Visa Facilitation Centre?

When you visit the Visa Facilitation Centre, you will need to provide your biometric information, including a photo and digital scan of your fingerprints. If you have temporary injuries on your fingers, please wait until the injury is healed before the date of your appointment. You should also remove any henna on your fingertips, or allow it to fade, as this may prevent us from having a clear scan. Children and infants must also provide their biometric data.


Should children come to the VFS Global Visa Facilitation Centre for applying for a visa?

All applicants applying for a permit must attend the Permit Facilitation Center in person. Children also need to attend and provide their biometric data in person. Children must be accompanied by an adult who cannot be a member of the staff of the VFS.


Is there a way of getting my application processed sooner than the regular?

There is no way that an application can be processed sooner than on a regular basis. VFS Global does not offer quick processing services for visas. The processing time depends entirely on the Ministry of Home Affairs.


How do I collect my decision back?

 The collection of decisions will be facilitated by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the district office where the applicant resides.